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Safe Student Manifest

A Student Maganegment System Built for School Bus Drivers by a School Bus Driver

Safe Student Manifest was developed especially for school districts—and with them. We’ve ridden with bus drivers, walked the halls with admins, and watched transportation directors conduct the symphony that is daily school travel. And we’re parents, too.


Parents simply print out or take a picture of our emailed QR Code then scan the code as they enter and exit the bus. If the QR Code is lost, simply print another. No down time and expense waiting for another ecelctronic device like other systems.

Parents (Coming Soon)

An easy-to-use app lets parents know when the bus will arrive, when their child boards and un-boards, and where the bus is at en route to school.

Bus Drivers

Drivers maintain contact with dispatch and can view their digital rider manifest through a mounted and secured tablet. Other features include Field Trip distribution, student medical information, admin push notifications, and much more.

School Administrators

A web portal allows dispatch clerks and managers to make sure all riders are accounted for, follow buses in real time, and keep in touch with drivers and parents as needed.

We’re parents, too.
Keeping kids safe is what revs us up.