Web Application

Five thousand children are left on buses every year. We aim to make that number zero with the industry’s most comprehensive post-trip safety alert system.

Safe Student Manifest web application is the site where dispatch would complete day to day tasks such as:

Assigning Field Trips to drivers – with real time results, drivers can accept and decline field trips. If declined, dispatch can re-assign the field trip to another driver. A task that would possibly take days to complete in the past, can be completed in minutes with Safe Student Manifest. 

Locating Students – Lost Student? An easy search function is available in Safe Student Manifest. Instead of calling over the VHF radio to drivers of a school, Safe Student Manifest can tell dispatch what time the child boarded, if the child is still on the bus, and what time the child disembarked.

Communicate Information – If there is an emergency on the bus or simply a reminder of an early dismissal, send a message to the driver with push notifications.